african food shops in London

Check out our authentic African groceries at Gemini Foods and compare prices and variety with other African food shops in London to see why we are the best place to shop for ethnic foods. You don’t have to give up your family’s favorite African dishes simply because you live in London- we have everything you need to prepare fresh African soups, sides, desserts, and specialty dishes, all at prices you’re sure to love. Stop by Gemini Foods or shop on our website and request delivery.

3 Compelling Reasons to Shop at Gemini Foods

1. We make it easy to find and buy Nigerian food without the need to order from overseas. International shopping is convenient; however, it can be expensive. Why buy from an overseas company when you can stop in to our grocery store and find what you need without having to wait weeks for your items to arrive by mail?

Stock up on all of the following food items at Gemini Foods:

  • Moi Moi Paste
  • Extra hot Shito
  • Akara Paste
  • Peeled Beans
  • Whole Crayfish
  • Ogbono
  • Pounded Yam
  • Whole Peppercorns
  • Ground Egusi
  • And many other items, as well

2. It’s affordable to buy African food online when you purchase from Gemini Foods and have your groceries delivered to your door. Check our prices- chances are, you’ll save money every time you order from us. Having access to an online African food store can make cooking for your family more enjoyable. If you’ve recently relocated to London from Africa, our grocery store will make you feel more at home in your new residence.

3. At Gemini Foods, you never have to settle for a substitute ingredient in your favorite recipe- purchase real foods from Africa in London from our grocery store. Search for items on our website or visit our store location in East Tilbury to source your items; our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding your way around our store.

Gemini Foods is your one-stop grocery store for African beverages and drinks, dried and frozen meats and seafood, grain, beans, and flour, desserts, spices, and pre-packaged convenience items.

Rated One of the Best African Food Shops in London

We’re not the only African food store around, but we are highly committed to keeping your most beloved African foods in stock and available for local delivery. Along with a wide selection of ethnic foods, you’ll find pantry staples, dairy items, and foods for your freezer, all at Gemini Foods. Shop with us for all of the following:

  • Poultry, meats, and seafood
  • Refreshing beverages and drink mixes
  • Grains and beans
  • Specialty flours
  • Cereal
  • Milk, eggs, and yogurt
  • Frozen foods
  • Cooking oil
  • Bakery goods
  • Fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables
  • Chips and snacks
  • Nuts
  • And so much more

Why shop at any other African food shops in London when Gemini Foods can save you time and money on your weekly groceries and staples? We have the perfect ratio of locally-sourced foods and imported African & Caribbean foods. Shop our premium ethnic foods now on our website.

Gemini Foods

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african food shops in London

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