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Gemini Foods is the ideal answer to your search for an African food store near me. If you can’t find authentic African delicacies from your current grocer, you’ll always find what you need form Gemini Foods. Search our inventory online or stop by our store location in East Tilbury to see what we have in stock; prices are affordable, as well, so you won’t end up overpaying for your favorite African snacks, starches, dried goods, and pantry staples.

5 Popular African Foods Found at Gemini Foods

1. Pick up African Sea Whole Crayfish in a variety of sizes, from 40-70g in cellophane packages with see-through front. Whole dried crayfish add a burst of seafood flavor to your main dishes and sides; add to rice for a taste treat your whole family will love. Dried African Sea Whole Crayfish are an outstanding value; you’ll find that it only takes a pinch to create an authentic African flavor. Keep two or three packages on hand to ensure you always have some in stock.

2. Create authentic African Ogbono soup with dried Ogbono from Gemini Foods. Ognono seeds impart a signature flavor that is prized for soups loaded with seafood and vegetables, making them an indispensable pantry item if your family loves freshly made soups. Ground Ogbono sometimes contains dust that can significantly diminish the purity of the product- a safer bet is to purchase whole Ogbono seeds from Gemini Foods- the most affordable African food store near me.

3. Enjoy African Taste Sweet Beans the next time you have guests over, they’re versatile, so you can make a variety of dishes using them. You’ll find Sweet Beans at bargain prices at Gemini Foods, so you can afford to stay well stocked at home. Same day delivery from Gemini Foods makes it easy to shop for last-minute items for upcoming meals, even if you have guests arriving within just one to two days, we can get your groceries to you quickly.

4. We have pounded yam on hand for serving with your favorite African soup. Buying pre-pounded yam will save you hours in the kitchen and yields consistent results every time. Make your own Nigerian fufu with our affordable pounded yam or yam flour items, always in stock at Gemini Foods.

5. Don’t forget to add dried Ugu Leaf to your African soup; it’s available in our dry goods section along with many other authentic African food items. You don’t have to overpay for Ugu Leaves or any other African pantry staples, simply stock up at Gemini Foods in-person or order online and we’ll deliver.

We’re much more than an African grocery store- shop Gemini Foods for meats, poultry, seafood, beans, flour, grain, beverages, fresh fruits & vegetables, cereal, and more. You’ll find our inventory easy to search online. Call us with your questions at 0 137 576 8081 or chat with one of our web agents now. We are UK’s favorite African food store near me.

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African Food Store Near Me

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