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Check out UK’s most popular African food store online; Gemini Foods is your one-stop source for all of your African dish ingredients in one convenient place. If you’re planning an authentic African meal and are missing even a single ingredient or side dish, it’s difficult to find a substitute item that provides the same taste. At Gemini Foods, we are committed to maintaining a well-stocked grocery store with a dedicated section for ethnic foods. Shop our African and Nigerian inventory now from our website.

4 African Foods You’ll Find at Gemini Foods

1. You’ll find affordable prices on Banku mix when you buy Nigerian food from our African food store online. Banku mix is a traditional combination of fermented corn and cassava dough that makes a smooth paste made into balls and added to African soups or stews. You can save a few steps in the kitchen when you buy African food online, like our delicious pre-made Banku mix.

2. Pounded yam is a staple in every African kitchen. If you lack the time or the equipment to make your own pounded yam, Gemini Foods carries a number of items that will reduce work in the kitchen while making African soups. Search our African food store online to find Ola Ola Pounded Yam and Eniola Pounded Yam.

3. Does your family love the distinctively sour taste of Ogi Pap? Gemini Foods has Ogi Pap Yellow, Ogi Pap White, and Ogi Pap Baba in stock. Or grocery delivery makes it easy to order all of your frozen food items from us and have them brought to your door in a convenient manner. If you can’t get to the store to shop for a special meal, you can buy African food online from our web store.

4. Pick up Exotic Foods Corn Dough the next time you’re shopping on our online African food store and taste the difference quality makes in your ethnic meals. Use corn dough for making Banku, Key Key, or Koko to serve with authentic African soup or stew.

If you have inquiries about our food items or wish to purchase real foods from Africa in London, reach out to Gemini Foods to speak with someone from our company. While visiting our grocery store, ask for directions to the African & Caribbean food section to see what we have available. If you have recommendations for adding new items to our stock list, we’d be happy to find out if we can accommodate you.

Shop Gemini Foods’ premium African & Caribbean foods now from the comfort of your home by ordering online and having your entire grocery list delivered to your door. Same day grocery delivery is available when you call early.

We’re much more than an African food store online- shop with us for fresh fruit & vegetables, meats, seafood, & poultry, dairy items, beans & rice, grains & cereal, and everything you need to prepare healthy, delicious meals for your family.

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