Fort Lauderdale Fish MarketsOne of the best Fort Lauderdale fish markets you'll have the opportunity to visit if you take a trip to the area or if you live nearby is Finster Murphy's. Serving up the finest delicacies direct from the deep blue sea, Finster Murphy's is known throughout the area as the source for the freshest seafood you can get anywhere, anytime. They carry all types of seafood, including fresh fish and shrimp and oysters and other similar items, and they offer them to their visitors at great prices, too. If you love seafood, you'll love Finster Murphy's. There is nothing quite like grilling up your own feast of fresh fish fillets in your kitchen or on your backyard barbecue. Just imagine it. The savory scents of juicy Atlantic salmon wafting into the cool evening air. It's something most everyone can appreciate and enjoy. This is now more true than ever before thanks to the affordable and imminently healthy seafood options offered at Finster Murphy's. It's important for fish to be fresh when you get them. Fish that have been caught even one or two days before you purchase them simply don't have the same kind of texture and flavor that fresh fish do. There's a very real difference in terms of the quality of the finished product that you get to enjoy. It's readily apparent. You don't have to be a fish aficionado to understand the difference between a fresh grilled salmon fillet and one that is prepared from frozen or otherwise preserved fish. The difference is noticeable. There is nothing quite as satisfying as a fresh fillet of some kind of beautiful fish. And the markets that carry these kinds of fish often tend to carry the best seafood over all. One of the most important things to consider when you are selecting a seafood market to visit or buy your food at regularly is the smell of the place. The fact is, many markets that sell fish and seafood often smell terrible. They often reek like low tide. This is a bad sign. If you step into a market or a fish shop and it smells like the murky bottom of the beach at low tide, you should turn around and walk right back out. That briny, rotting odor is a sign that things in the market aren't as fresh as they seem, and as mentioned above, freshness is critical. You should also examine the actual fish and seafood that you are planning to buy, as the freshness of each item will vary. Simply because at market advertises itself as fresh doesn't mean that every single item on the shelves is necessarily completely fresh. Check each item before you buy. At Finster Murphy's, you don't have to worry about this. Our Fort Lauderdale fish markets are among the best in the nation. Fort Lauderdale Fish Markets